Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday’s Confession: I’m Running TOO Fast

Friday’s Confession … I’m running TOO fast. Not my pace, my life.

Yesterday I got smacked in the face with a wake up call. School was delayed two hours due to icy roads, my kitchen sink wasn’t working – my garbage disposal is jammed – and the plumber can’t come until Monday, I didn’t get to write and post, no running or workout happened and then my daughter didn’t feel good and had to say home for the third day this week. Did I mention I haven’t Christmas shopped yet and had a full day planned of everything I was going to do. Argh. Obviously, none of this was major – thank God – but sometimes lots of little stuff is exactly what’s needed to shake things up and put them back into perspective.

As I started to stress out my daughter asked me to sit with her. After she curled up on my lap we sat and chatted. It was calming; and peaceful. As much as I thought I needed to get up and clean the bathrooms or check my email I realized that I really needed to sit there with her and slow down. At that moment I decided to put on the breaks and take some time to catch my breath. As challenging as it was I didn’t do much of anything. I had to slow my body and my mind down. I didn’t even tweet – gasp!

I put this quote on my Facebook page then backed away from the computer.

Midday Motivation: "Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast; you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." -Eddie Cantor

As women we’re often trying to do so much for our families that we’re speeding through our days. Good intentions are there but we aren’t because we’re moving too fast. As much as I LOVE this time of year I was starting to feel like it was passing me by. Today, I’m making the effort to slow down. I don’t want to miss the moment – or anymore hugs from my baby girl.

Winks & Smiles,


La'Tonya Richardson said...

I often feel that way. I wake up, and it's Friday, or Sunday, time for the week to start again!

This was a great post. Now that I have checked all my papers and turned all my grades, and the rest of my family is going to school and work, my days are almost my own.

Quinton J said...

Solid post. I'm certain a slower pace and a slower (more tuned in) YOU is the bestest present that could be given. Enjoy your holidays girl.

P.S. Try some Teddy P. Always slows me down;0)

Angela said...

Sorry so much caved in on you all at once, I really hate it when that happens. I've been taking this season very slow this year, in an attempt to keep the stress down. We miss too much when we try to do too much all at once. I'm tired of missing out.

Marcia said...

I am usually going 95 m.p.h (not on the roads), there and everywhere...and usually I have a jolt to snap me back to remind me to live in the moment...slow's important, especially as mothers. We RUSH through everything. I think slowing down and living in the moment just moved higher up on my Christmas Wish List!!!

Execumama said...

Couldn't agree more with the quote. Our babies can be such angels in the way they speak to us on God's behalf. Your daughter's need for you at that moment was the sweetest "Slow Down" message, and the perfect one to help you see the deal. Mine have done that for me too, and I remain thankful.

Here's to a yellow light kind of holiday!

Anne said...

Great post and believe me I know what you're talking about. It's easy to get carried away with all the must-dos...Happy Holidays. Enjoy every moment :)

Wifey said...

Thanks, Everyone! A little reminder and reinforcement from all of you is exactly what I needed! *winks*

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