Monday, December 6, 2010

Four Things I Learned at the Usher Concert Last Night

I don’t normally write about my record company days. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it feels like eons ago, but for the first half of my professional career – pre-kids, when I was youthful in my 20s – I was a publicist for LaFace Records and spent my days scheduling and accompanying artists to photo shoots, magazine interviews, award shows and television appearances. Usher was one of those artists. I’ve walked that boy down many red carpets and have watched him grow not only into a superstar, but into a wonderful young man. So, when my girlfriend, Lisa (she still works at the label) offered me two tickets to his concert last night I quickly said yes. Usher always puts on a hell of show.

Me, Usher and Lisa in 2000

It’s been 10 years since I left the industry and truth-be-told I don’t go to many big concerts anymore, so last night I got an education. Here are four things I learned …

I’m OLD. Ok, that might be a little harsh, but at 39 I’m definitely a little more seasoned than I was the last time I attended an Usher concert. I knew the words to all the songs, even to that little cutie Trey Songz who opened up for him, but I’m not quite sure I was dressed appropriately which leads me to my next discovery.

The FREAKS come out at night. Or, apparently to a Trey Songz/Usher concert. There was more booty bouncin’ than I thought Phillips Arena could handle. Thigh-high boots, tights and barely-covering-that-ass skirts were all the rage. Hoochies Ladies were definitely dressed for the club, or the after-party, or maybe I’m just old.

A SISTERS night out is still fun. My sister, Nicole, and I left our husbands at home with the kids and braved the cold and the freaks together. We had a blast, and a beer, ahem, and a great time discovering we're old rediscovering our youth.

All bundled up. It’s COLD for Atlanta.

In between sets. We both stood out because we didn’t have any skin showing – gasp!

“Peace Up, A-Town Down.” See, I still know the cool lingo.

Usher should be in my running PLAYLIST. I worked several of his records but still forget how many hits he has. OMG. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love. Yeah. Caught Up. U Remind Me. You Make Me Wanna. Bad Girls. The list could go on.

Anyone else have Usher in their playlist? ... Or, discover they are not as young as they used to be over the weekend?

Winks & Smiles,


Krystal Grant said...

I forgot to tell you to give my boyfriend a kiss for me! Glad you guys had fun. I can't go to an Usher concert because I would get arrested. Do people still throw their underwear on stage? Or am I getting old, too?

Funkidivagirl said...

That's funny! Yup, I would say that you and Nicole were overdressed for the freaks, but I would have been dressed like you too. Not only are we "too wise" to be dressing like that (not old!), it was freezing last night! And we don't have anything to prove....we KNOW we are fly! We don't have to let the whole world to see it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, sister! Although I thoroughly enjoyed the music and toned cuties on stage last night, my eyes burned from the bare females and ears rang from screaming fans. I believe the extra large venue might be too much for me to handle in my late 30's. Haha. From now on I will be sticking to my cool, soothing evenings under the stars at Chastain where adults can enjoy being adults. LOL.

Aging Fan

FabdoGooder said...

Lol! I'm with Krystal. I would have definitely been in jail and on the news if I went. I loooove USHER! Looks like you gals had a blast.

Dana S. said...

Cute post! So I guess that means no matching leopard catsuits with five-inch Louboutins for you two huh? Concert attire does take on new meaning at our age. I prefer to be functionally fly. Which probably means more clothing than most had on last night. But oh well. It's winter for crying out loud - keep the cookies and the girls covered! There's fashion then there's foolishness.

Glad you had fun!

Elz said...

Yes, discovered I was old long ago! Ha. And, yes, Usher is on my playlist. In fact, my playlist is almost all hip hop of some variety (that and Britney Spears, don't judge). It really gets me moving.

keyalus said...

Usher likes "older" women right? LOL! He might appreciate a woman not dressed like a skank.

"Caught Up" stays on my running playlist. I might need to update it to add "My Way." I'm not a big fan of his new faster stuff though.

"Bad Girl" is a great pole dancing song. One of my favorites from back when I took lessons. :)

Nancy said...

I love Usher. He's a sexy mother -shut your mouth!

Madison likes him too, so he has fans of all ages.

Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

What a fun night!

LOL@ "I'm old". Girl, I hear ya :)

I have DJ Got Us Falling on my playlist! And I snap my fingers while running to it. I know...very wrong.

Angela said...

I've sadly had the awakening of I'm old now plenty over the past decade. That said though, you had a super cool job! Do you miss it? Or is it one of those jobs we grow out of when we get "old"?

Execumama said...

Um, YES, Usher has been on, and remains on my playlist since my pre-kids days! I used to think I was one of his back-up dancers, and to this day, I'm a bona fide choreographer in my mind when I watch any of his videos!!

Glad you and your sister had a great time, and uhhh...many of those young ladies will be battling chest colds and bootie bugs from being all half-nekked (yes, nekked!) in 30 degree weather! I'm all for sexy/fly/maybe-a-tad-short outfits, but when it's cold, we gotta get practical!!

Fun post!

Wifey said...

Y'all are cracking me up! Thanks, Ladies! Not sure if I should really put it on the age thing 'casue there were some COUGARS up in there! Smiles!

Adrienne said...

HILARIOUS! I Love it!!! I was there this weekend and my daughters met Trey Songz....I'M too old. My brother ended up staying with them. I couldn't take it lol.

MizFit said...

LOVE THIS POST as I have had a similar experience with Luda.
thank goodness Im glad to be getting old :) or Id have been as depressed as hell.


Yum Yucky said...

hahaha! Ya'll had no skin showin'. ohh,the shame of that. hehe

But that Trey Songzy boy, he needs some more meat on his bones. Too skinny. (okay, I'm 37 and I'm sounding really old writing this. LOL!)

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is a tube filled with latex, and a strip of gray rubber up top.

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