Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday’s Confession … I’m Avoiding My Abs

Friday’s confession … I’m avoiding my abs.

There. I admit it.

It’s kind of ironic since a sexy stomach tops my wish list. While this is the most magical time of the year, muscles don’t just miraculously appear. A girl can wish right? Yes, but she’s also got to DO.

Since I clearly was not blessed with the perfect-stomach-with-no-hard-work gene, lack of effort definitely equals lack of abs.

Today wraps up my second week of adding strength training after my morning runs. I’m already feeling the positive effects that strength training adds to my running, to my weight loss goals, to my body definition and to my mood. The sad thing is that I know better than to skip the middle – the center, the core of my body. Abdominal muscles are essential to our body’s movement.

So why am I avoiding them? Good question. Maybe cause ab exercises are hard and my abs are not. Gasp! I’m not sure why (there is no good reason), but it’s time to make a change. The rest of me already has a two-week head start on my abs. Yeah, I know, I’m only cheating myself.

As of today, I solemnly swear not to neglect my abs.

Anyone else with me? Abs, legs, booty, cardio – whatever you might be dodging. It’s never too late to decide to make a change. Holla if you here me.

Winks & Smiles,


Lauren said...

Two Words: Tabata Abs

Marcia said...

I found the only way to work in my abs is if I'm doing a dance video or something that works your abs--but is fun; basically, not your traditional sit-ups or crunches. Hip Hop Abs is fun and a great work out. Insanity is also good...but it requires you to be insane to actually do the workouts!!!! It's a great workout--it really pushes you to another level! I'm hollering, cause I hear you!!!!

jen said...

I totally hear ya!!

I have been avoiding ALL of it! Well, except food - that seems to be the one thing I cant seem to avoid.

you got this!!

much love, jen

Lynn said...

You and me both on the abs front. I've been laid up all week due to strep but tonight is my last night in this cage of a bed. Although I did get SOME ab definition with all the coughing exercise I've been doing. NO LIE! But this week is my week I can feel it. So these abs beware cause Gilad approacheth! :o)

My best, Lynn

Anonymous said...

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