Monday, January 31, 2011

Princess Power

They say there’s power in numbers, right? Well, it’s true, especially when you put together several women armed with running shoes, energy gels, tutus and the desire to Get Moving!

I’ve already shared that I’m running Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, now I’m happy to share that I won’t be going it alone. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Walt Disney World Resort and BSM Media, my BlogRollin’ partner, Christie, and I were able to invite a few Princesses to join us that weekend through our Get Moving! initiative.

Get Moving! is a series of total body wellness initiatives for women dedicated to getting healthy and inspiring others to do the same. Created to encourage women to take care of themselves, Get Moving! focuses on the importance of physical exercise by making it a fun and rewarding experience.

We’re so excited that Heather from Run Faster Mommy, T from Racing with Babes, Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes, Lisa from Workout Mommy and Shameeka from The Broke Socialite will join us that weekend to take part in a special media mixer and enjoy a little Disney magic. We're happy to celebrate all that they do to take care of themselves and inspire others to do the same.

If you know any of these Princesses you know that they are each powerful in their own right, so I’m super excited to see all the fabulousness that will happen during the Princess Weekend. Some are running just for fun, some are going for PR’s and one is running her first half marathon. Please stop by their blogs and cheer them on.

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday’s Confession: Missing Mileage

Friday’s confession … I’m missing a few miles in my training, ahem, so I sent off this letter.

Dear Mileage Fairy,

I’m running Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in 30 days and I seem to be missing some miles. I don’t quite know where they are or why they haven’t been run, but I’m counting on you to hook me up.

This will be my fourth half marathon so I KNOW I can do it, but I’d really like to be prepared so I can enjoy it. I don’t want to look whooped in my tiara. Really.

Please pay me a visit and get me back on track so I’ll be able to walk afterwards have a great race.


Oh, and when you come could you please bring me a Garmin?

And, could you tell your cousin the Cleaning Fairy I’m looking for her ass, too!

Winks & Smiles,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The SKINNY on Applebee’s Under 550 Calories Menu

Tuesday I was invited to a special tasting of Applebee’s Under 550 Calories menu. Making smart food choices is a priority to me right now as I’m training for my 4th half marathon and I’ve taken on a pretty lofty birthday goal. I recently shared my Restaurant Rules for eating out as there often aren’t many healthy, low calorie options; so when I got the invite I was curious to see how Applebee’s entrees measured up.

We tasted all six of the entrees.

Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp
Teriyaki Shrimp Pasta
Teriyaki Chicken Pasta
Grilled Shrimp and Island Rice
Grilled Dijon Chicken and Portobellos
Asiago Peppercorn Steak

They brought out a regular-size portion and explained the dish then brought each of us little sample plates to taste.

Teriyaki Shrimp Pasta – full portion.

Grilled Dijon Chicken and Portobellos – sample size

Me sampling. It’s such HARD work trying all this food. Ahem.

We also had the opportunity to sample their Skinny Bee drinks – all under 110 calories.

Skinny Bee Margarita
Skinny Bee Long Island Ice Tea
Skinny Bee Mojito

The Skinny Bee Margarita. Um, yes. I can vouch for this one.

The Upside:

Great portion sizes. They didn’t just give you less food. You’re definitely getting a full meal.

Good flavor. I like things spicy so a few of the dishes could’ve had a little more zing for my personal taste but overall they were pretty flavorful.

They’ll cook to order. They want to please and will make the dishes with adjustments to your liking. Keep in mind, though, that might change the nutritional information.

The Calorie Count. Definitely on the lower-side for most restaurant entrees.

The Not So Upside:

The sodium. Yup, it’s high, there’s no way around that, but I do think if its eaten in moderation – I don’t get out much – and you account for it in you daily totals it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

My favorites:

The Teriyaki Shrimp Pasta, the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and the Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp. Oh, and the Skinny Bee Margarita. Yum.

You can find out more about the menu and the nutritional information here. Applebee’s isn’t a health food restaurant and they’re not claiming to be, but they are making healthier options – options that could help keep me on track to reaching my goals.

Winks & Smiles,

Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist or food expert. My food and drinks were courtesy of Applebee’s, but as always my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Giveaway: RUNNING away to join the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus

OK, so I’m not really running away to JOIN the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus even though I’d LOVE to hang with the clowns, but I am going. And, I want you to go, too.

I’ve got a FOUR pack of tickets to give to one lucky winner for the show on Thursday, February 17, at 7:30 p.m. at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. There’s also an All Access Pre-Show where all ticket holders can meet the performers and animals, learn circus skills and enjoy a taste of the performance before the show starts. Maybe I will get to hook up with those clowns after all. Ahem.

So, if you live in the Atlanta area or if you will be in town on Feb 17th here’s the details on how to enter. Don’t worry, I’m easy. All you have to do is like me. That’s not so hard, is it? If the answer is yes, um … please don’t answer.

Subscribe/Follow my blog; and/or Like my Run Wifey Run Facebook page. You need to do at least one and leave me a comment letting me know so I can count you in. If you do both you’ve got two entries.

Want another shot? Like Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey on Facebook and tell me in a comment.


If you tweet, Facebook or blog about it and let me know in the comments they’ll each earn you one more entry.

Easy, right? The contest starts now and will end next Tuesday, February 1, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. EST. US residents only, please.

Good luck! I’m off to find some clown shoes.

Winks & Smiles,

Disclaimer: I was given 4 tickets to attend the show and 4 tickets to giveaway. As always my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dodging Raindrops

I’ve already paid my dues running in the rain this year so I’m dodging raindrops today by taking the dry route – in the garage.

Since I won’t get in my four miles today, I’ll add approximately 45 minutes of cardio to my workout to make up for it. In addition to working my legs and abs I’ll be using this …

I LOVE jumping rope if I can’t run. It gets me going and melts fat.

I’ll also use these …

Some of my favorite workout gear – my HOT pink boxing gloves.

To hit crap out of this …

Husband’s heavy bag is getting good use during Project Me.

And I’ll fuel it all with this …

Calnaturale’s Svelte French Vanilla Sustained Energy Protein Drink. Don’t you just love the packaging? The positive messaging rocks.

They were kind enough to send me several flavors to try – so far they’re yummy. I’ll do a review once I see and feel how they work.

I’m off to make it happen. What are you doing today? Let me know … I’d love to cheer you on.

Winks & Smiles,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Are You Doing EVERYTHING You Can to Be Your Best?

I’m nearing the end of the first month of Project Me. While I’m pretty pleased with the results, every week I still look back to see what I did; and then look forward to see what I can do BETTER next week.

I’ve challenged myself to be the best that I can be and that means taking things to a higher level. In the past I’ve found myself doing a good job and getting too comfortable with that. “Good” isn’t good enough to be the BEST.

I’m retraining my brain. When I find that I’m happy with my results instead of patting myself on the back and staying content; I’m patting myself on the back and searching for new ways to go farther. Sometimes it's hard, but it's always worth it.

How about you? Are you doing everything you can do to be your best? How do you stay motivated to move to the next level? I’d LOVE to know …

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday’s Confession: I Don’t Know Where to Run

Friday’s confession … I don’t know where to run.

I’m trying to decide what marathon I am going to do in 2011 and I need a little help.

Should I head off to the windy city …

Or stay in the sultry south?

Decisions, decisions. I would LOVE your thoughts. And, yes, I’m not only thinking about the run, but important things like food, BEER, gasp!, and city highlights could easily influence my decision.

Winks & Smiles,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Restaurant Rules: Four Tips to Stay on Track When Eating Out

I’m a guest panelist at the Georgia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America’s monthly luncheon today. The topic – bloggers and PR, of course. The luncheon just happens to be at one of my FAVORITE restaurants – Maggiano’s. Have I ever mentioned I could eat Italian food everyday? Really.

While I’m looking forward to the luncheon, I’m not looking forward to the temptation. The food, at least what I WANT to eat, does not go with Project Me. I’ve decided I have to take a realistic and non-obsessive approach to eating out while I’m on my mission to a better me, and will try and follow these four rules:

Eat BEFORE I go out. Kind of defeats the purpose you say … not really. If I’m full with healthy food I’m less likely to fill up on the other “stuff.” Ahem.

Allow myself ONE splurge. I don’t eat out much so when I do I let myself enjoy the forbidden bread I don’t eat at home or a chocolate dessert I wouldn’t even dream of whipping up myself. A little treat helps ward of that dreaded deprived feeling.

DON’T clean my plate. Yes, I grew up ol’ school and had to sit at the kitchen table until I ate everything off of my plate. No more. The servings given at most restaurants are super-sized and I will have to display some serious portion control to stay on track.

Look at the menu AHEAD of time. Most restaurants have their menus online now. I like to search for a healthy option before I’m sitting at the table and risk making a rushed decision my waistline will regret later.

And, of course, the old “drink water” trick helps, too. Anyone else have any dining out tips they’d like to add to the rules? My stomach and I would love to know …

Winks & Smiles,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gettin’ BUSY in the Kitchen

Yesterday I was a cookin’ fool. I’m proud to say that I followed through with my meal planning pledge and actually planned out my meals for this week. Both Husband and I each picked a new recipe for me to try and I got BUSY in the kitchen. Cooking, folks. Really.

Husband picked an Indian beef curry recipe from Now Eat This! by Rocco Dispirito. This recipe shaves off almost 40g of fat from the traditional recipe and is only 264 calories per serving. LOVE that.

A few key ingredients – cooking spray, Greek yogurt, curry powder and fish sauce. I feel like such a chef – I’ve got “fish sauce” in my fridge.

Then I got to chopping …

Green peppers, garlic …

… and Cauliflower

I broke out the iron skillet for this one and cooked up some lean beef.

While it’s not as pretty as the picture in the book it tasted DELICIOUS.

I added a little extra spice to the recipe, put it over some brown rice and was really pleased. Husband gave it a thumbs up and went back for seconds; and even Miles’, my 9-year-old, liked it. My daughter was at a play date and missed my masterpiece although she wouldn’t have eaten it anyway – it wasn’t cereal or a sandwich.

I’m inspired, folks. Maybe this cookin’ thing isn’t so bad. I’ve got a new attitude ... and some fish sauce.

Winks & Smiles,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Marathon Motivation: Are YOU Making YOUR Dreams Happen?

I recently got an email from a woman asking for advice on reaching her dream to run a marathon. Here’s some of her note …

“I am in love of running. Period. I love the feeling, I love the satisfaction it gives you, and I even love the bad days. But, sometimes I’m am soooooooo busy I hardly find the time to run. I am 27-year-old dentist and also a full time new ‘wifey.’ Sometimes it’s so hard for me to train. My ultimate dream is running a marathon, hopefully before my 30th birthday. Until now I have run mostly 10ks but the big marathon is always in my mind.

I’m so motivated, I run 3-4 times a week, but it’s complicated due to my schedule, so running at night is mostly my only choice. I depend on my husband to join me. You can imagine what that means … if he is tired or upset by something, no running for me that day or I have to stick to the old friend that is always there: the treadmill.

So this is my ‘fear’ not to accomplish my dream due to these factors. Any advice? I’m not giving up on this! I want to run a marathon no matter what.”

Raise your hand if you can relate.

*insert both hands in the air here*

Better yet, leave a comment with your words of wisdom on how you’re tackling YOUR goals and kicking fear in the butt.

My advice?

She already sounds like she has the love and passion; if she matches that with determination and patience, she’ll run that marathon.

ANYTHING is possible. Set a goal, devise a plan, be flexible, be creative and most importantly BELIEVE that you can do it.

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday’s Confession: Mastering Meal Planning

Friday’s confession … I suck at meal planning.

Well, that’s not actually true. I understand and can meal plan just fine – they’re just the SAME meals over and over again.


While that’s fine for me, I could eat spaghetti and clam sauce five days a week, the other people who live with me aren’t exactly thrilled with the lack of variety.

Yesterday, Husband discovered my stash of cookbooks filled with enticing recipes ready to be thrown into rotation.


As he pulled out book after book I realize that I have been sitting on an arsenal of ideas with them and the internet at my finger tips – there’s so many wonderful food blogs out there.

So, here’s my start to mastering meal planning:

Map out the WEEK on Sunday. Great changes come with a plan. It takes the stress and confusion away and will streamline shopping. That’s worth everything right there.

Add TWO new recipes per week. I figure I need to go harder than just one but two is not overwhelming. I’m more likely to stick with it if I keep things simple and pressure free.

Have HUSBAND pick a meal. He found the books, he should use them. Seriously. Getting his input eliminates the guessing game of what he wants; and will help keep me accountable, too.

How about you? Am I the only one needing a little variety in the kitchen? What are your tips for mastering meal planning?

Winks & Smiles,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day 4: Staying Sane When You Can’t Get Your Run On

Its snow day number FOUR, y’all. FOUR. In Atlanta. Really?

I’m good with scheduled vacations ‘cause you can mentally prepare plan for those but who would’ve thought the kids would be home for a two-week winter break, go back to school for four days, then be home. Again. For days.

It’s enough to make you … go ... sit in the bathtub.


Press play. I’ll explain.

What do you do when you can’t get your run on?

Winks & Smiles,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Things I Learned Shoveling Snow in ATLANTA

I walked by the window yesterday and saw my neighbor outside clearing her driveway, got excited and volunteered to go shovel ours. I live in an equal opportunity house, Husband had no objection, and I really needed wanted to get out for a minute. We’ve been snowed in since Sunday night. Enough said.

While it SEEMED like a good idea, I grew up in Connecticut and thought I knew everything about snow, I quickly learned a few things:

Don’t volunteer to shovel snow when its NOT snow. It was ice. Solid ice. Yeah, that’s different than the light, fun, fluffy stuff. I should’ve turned myself around when I stepped on it and slid 6 feet across the driveway.

Get yourself a BIG ASS shovel. And apparently some other tools – like an ice pick. Ok, I didn’t have an ice pick, or a shovel for that matter so I borrowed my neighbor’s and used a metal rake to break up the ice before I shoveled it. Hard core, right?

Shoveling snow ICE is a workout. I’ve been in Atlanta too long and forgot everything I learned in Snow Shoveling 101 like it’s a WORKOUT. I got two workouts in yesterday and I think the shoveling might have burned more calories than my dumbbells. Good for Project Me.

I was the ONLY fool out there taking pictures. Um, yeah. None of my neighbors are bloggers or apparently facebookers either 'cause not one of them were out there snapping any pics of the crushed ice they just moved. Now that I think about it, none of them were out there crushing ice. Hmm.

Speaking of pictures, Husband was kind enough to pry himself from the Playstation 3 and take some photos.

The driveway before

Me and the big ol’ shovel

Ice, ice, baby

The rake I used to break the ice

The driveway after

Even though the driveway is clear the kids still aren’t going to school. We’re on day three folks – gasp! I love spending time with my kids, but I don’t want to get in the way of their education. I’m just sayin’.

Winks & Smiles,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Me: Patience Please

I’m a solid week into Project Me, my journey to a healthier, happier me - and a bikini on a beach, ahem. As you saw in my before picture I’ve got some work to do. I’m fine with that. Really. I’m ready to do the work. What I need help with is patience.

I want it now. I’m dedicated to eating right, running and strength training. I’ve got a plan and I’m putting in the time. I can already see myself four months from now, fit and trim, and that’s part of the problem. I want to speed up time to get there and it just doesn’t work that way.

In order to make significant changes that last I can’t take any short cuts. I KNOW this but sometimes having patience is the hardest part for me. When I find myself struggling with that I think about my marathon training.

I set a goal.
I had a plan.
I took it one week at a time.
I had support.
I took breaks.
I had ups.
I had downs.
I worked hard.
I ran across that finish line with a smile on my face.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take PATIENCE.

Its also helps to have some signs of improvement. My jeans are a little loose and I’ve lost 4 pounds. I’ve got a race to train for now and that’s really helpful in keeping me on track.

How about you? Tell me I’m not the only impatient one. No really, tell me. How do you stay patient when striving for your goals?

Winks & Smiles,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tiaras, Tutus and Running Shoes

Dear Lorraine,

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2011 Disney's Princess Half Marathon - INDIVIDUAL. Please check the event's official website for updates:

This race is a FAVORITE of mine. Last year it rekindled my passion for running. I’m excited to have my first half of the year scheduled and I’m even more excited that it’s this one. Something magical always happens at Disney.

Anyone else rockin’ a tutu?

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday’s Confession: Roller Coaster Ride

Friday’s confession … I’m on a roller coaster ride.

OK, not only did I show my stomach this week, but now I’m making vlogs sans make up? Oh my.

Anyone else taking a ride, too?

Winks & Smiles,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1,000 Miles in 2011

I bet there’s an app for that. Or, even better a club.

That’s right. I discovered the ultra fabulous Tall Mom’s blog last year but it was way too late for me to get in on the 1,000 miles. This year, however, is another story. I started the year off running. That’s right I’ve logged a whole 7 miles – watch out now – and I’m feeling pretty good.

One of my FAVORITE things about being a runner is the camaraderie. Runners support runners. It’s inspirational and, for me, it’s necessary. My long runs with my Get Fit Atlanta crew are the best. I also love the incredible community I’ve found online that cheer each other on and pick each other up when one falls. AMAZING.

So, if you’ve got 1,000 miles or more on your goal list head on over to Tall Mom’s to join the club. I hear her email is exploding but she’s super sweet and would love to have you.

Winks & Smiles,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Top 3 Things I Learned After Putting Myself on Blast

There are several things I learned after doing yesterday’s post and putting myself on blast. The biggest lesson is that it’s scary as hell to let people see your flaws, but if you push past fear and take a risk you just might be surprised at the reward. Or, if there’s no reward at least the world won’t end. We’re still here, right?

I did, however, end last night with three eye-opening revelations. They are:

I’ve got to DO THE DAMN thing now. Um, duh. Not that I wasn’t planning on making it happen anyway, ahem, but I REALLY have got to “go hard or go home” now. Accountability is just lovely, isn’t?

My peeps are AWESOME. OK, this isn’t eye-opening, I already knew it, but the INCREDIBLE support I received yesterday from all of you leaving comments here, on Facebook, Twitter and in real life is truly inspiring. You guys motivate me to be the best that I can be and I thank you for it.

And, finally …

My stomach is PALE and needs some sun. Did you see that picture? The poor thing never sees the light of day. Y’all make sure I get some self-tanner before I breakout that bikini.

Winks & Smiles,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Me: BEFORE Picture and Stats

I’m not sure if I should really call this BEFORE anything since I just took them yesterday and I’m STILL this size, but for the sake of my weight loss project whose dumbass idea was this anyway I’ll go with it.

I used to be baffled at how the contestants on The Biggest Loser seem so shocked when they step on the scale. Um, yeah, well not anymore. I also know why they make that scale so big for them because they might try to pick it up and hurl it across the room like I almost did. Ahem.

Since I decided to tell the world that I’d like to get into a bikini – and look GOOD – on my 40th birthday, I figure I should go on and let the world know how much HARD WORK it’s going to take. Yup, I see a lot of long runs, strength training and clean eating in my future. A LOT.

Height: 5’11
Weight: 195.5
Arm: 13 inches
Chest: 40 inches
Waist: 35 inches
Stomach: 39 & ½ inches
Hips: 44 inches
Thigh: 24 & ½ inches

Be it that I’m NOT bikini ready now I decided I shouldn’t scare you lovely people away with a BEFORE bikini shot. But, I had to keep it real.

No hiding today. GASP! Damn that eggnog and pound cake.

Phew. I’m glad that’s over. That was hard, folks. And, I can’t even go have a beer. Please be nice.

Winks & Smiles,

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolution Run Recap: Rain Anyone?

Sure, I’ll have a little rain with my run. That's just what I wanted to kick off the New Year.

To say it was wet during the Atlanta Track Club’s 2011 Resolution Run would be an understatement. I thought about bringing a bucket with me to run but saw they weren’t allowed in the rules – right next to no headphones and no strollers.

The rain wasn’t a surprise, our trusty weather-people had been forecasting it all week so I was mentally prepared to start off the year sloshing running through puddles. And, you know what? It was FUN. Yup, I said it.  It was actually fun. This is how I know I’m truly hooked, when torrential downpours won’t keep me from a 5K and a cute T-shirt.

Speaking of the shirt, here’s what they gave us …

My long sleeve shirt and number. I wrote Project Me in the 7.

The race was at noon which was perfect since the night before was New Year’s Eve. Yes, I behaved – a few beers, ahem, a little bubbly and lots of water. The next morning, as I got ready for the race everyone seemed shocked that I was still going because of the rain.

Me, DRY, getting ready to go.

Driving to the race I started to question my sanity, too, when I looked out the window and all I saw was this …


I felt better when I got there and saw all the other crazy dedicated runners, too.

In line waiting for my number.

There was no tweeting and picture taking during this race – I couldn’t get my phone wet so I snapped a few shots before I took off.

The start.

The finish.

Me, WET, after.

I finished the 5K in 34.13. Not a PR, but not bad considering my clothes weighed about 10 pounds by the end of the race. For real.

I’m thrilled that I decided to troop it out and that my first race of 2011 is in the books – even though my running shoes are still drying out.

Winks & Smiles,
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