Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running Away … And Living Positively

One of the reason I started Run Wifey Run is to focus more on taking care of myself and hopefully motivate others to do the same so when I received the invite to steal-away to downtown Atlanta and take part in the first "Live Positively Social Media Conference: Conversations with Coca-Cola" I immediately ditched my kids made arrangements with Husband so I could attend.

For the past two days I’ve listened, learned, talked, shared, laughed, networked, bonded and have been motivated by the wonderful bloggers and women of Coca-Cola sharing this experience with me.

Monday night they welcomed us in true Southern fashion with food and fellowship at PARISH, an eco-friendly eatery in the Highlands.

They closed the restaurant for us and Chef Joe showed us how he whips up his culinary delights.

The Coca-Cola Braised Short Ribs were out of this world

And the fried pumpkin pie with cream cheese ice cream (yes, cream cheese) was to die for. Seriously.

Oh and yes, they shared the recipes. Ahem.

Yesterday, we gathered at the World of Coca-Cola and were treated to an intimate session with the fabulous Lisa Stone, co-founder of After sharing her journey with us she led us in a vision board exercise.

I would share mine, but my friends at Coca-Cola still have it. Would it shock you to know a runner was in the center of it? Gasp!

After lunch we were treated to a panel discussion with some of Coca-Cola’s leading ladies including their Chief Marketing Officer, VP and Controller, and several other executives and members of their Women’s Leadership Council. These dynamic and successful gals gave us a glimpse into their world and offered priceless advice on managing a career, motherhood and yes, Living Positively.

Today is the last day of the conference where we will learn more about their Live Positively initiative and be able to ask the experts the tough questions as well as offer our input. As a metro-Atlanta resident I’m familiar with some of the positive outreach Coca-Cola does in the community (they’re based here) but I’m interested in hearing more about some of their healthier products and what they’re doing to encourage a healthy lifestyle. I’ll make sure to keep you posted. No pun intended.

In the meantime I just have to leave you with a pic of this little gem they gifted me when I checked into my hotel – yes, I live in Atlanta but I would not pass up the opportunity to cozy up in a swanky hotel for two nights and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Um, the post is titled "Running Away."

Isn’t it adorable? If you look closely you’ll see it’s a handbag made out of can tops. I just love it.

Winks & Smiles,

The Coca-Cola company took care of my accommodations for this trip but, as always, my opinions and thoughts are all my own.


MizFit said...

sign me:

JEALOUS (of all of it) and HAPPY (for the YOU in it!)

Quinton J said...

…I just slobbered on my keyboard looking at that food.
Coca-Cola Braised Short Ribs and fried pumpkin pie with cream cheese ice cream?
Who’s gonna’ clean up this slobber?
And I don’t carry handbags…but that is still fresh.

Anonymous said...

And Ah. Ahem... you are not going to share the recipes for those scrumptious looking foods with your dear readers?!?!?

Wifey said...

Um, Miz, I want to be like you when I grow up.

Quinton, they were definitely drool worthy. ;)

And, hmm, I could be persuaded to cook & share. LOL!

NYCPatty said...

I'm so glad you could enjoy this! I love hearing about companies doing positive things! Yay Coca Cola! :)

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