Monday, November 29, 2010

Atlanta Half Marathon Race Recap: A Family Affair

There were several things that made the Atlanta Track Club’s Atlanta Half Marathon super special for me this year – this was the first half marathon I hobbled through, thought I might die and vowed never to run again ran in 2005; I rocked a 30+ minute PR; and my family ran, too.

Me in 2005

Me in 2010

The PR
I managed to shave more than 30 minutes off my last half marathon, I ran Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in 3:01 in March. My chip time for the Atlanta Half was 2:29:10. I’m not a huge numbers person, which could be a form of self-protection because I’m not very fast either, but these numbers are special to me because I set a goal and I stuck with it. I went into the race wanting to do 2:30 and that was a challenge for me. A few weeks earlier I ran my first marathon and quite honestly I hadn’t trained properly for this race. I decided to run with the 2:30 pace group and once I found them in the starting corral I vowed not to leave them. Coincidentally, they did 2:1 intervals, too, so it was a perfect match. There were several times throughout the race that things got tough but as soon as that little voice in my head told me it was OK to slow down a louder voice said, "oh, hell no it isn’t." The time is great but I’m more proud that I didn’t take the easy way out.

The Race – A Family Affair
A few months ago my cousin Ron Facebooked me and asked if I was game to run the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving. Of course I was in, and since it was Thanksgiving both Ron and I wanted to get as much of our family in on it, too. My Dad, my Aunt Kristi, my cousins Melina and Cory, and Ron’s mother and his Aunt ran the 5K and rocked it. And, of course my two little ones, Miles and Milan, did the Mashed Potato Mile. It was wonderful to have some family out there running, too.

We all met before the race, around 7:10 a.m. for some quick before pics. Husband and my kids were still in the car – my little princess was still sleeping.

Me and my Dad

Before the race I spotted a solo porta-potty with a short line. Right next to it were tubs filled with the medals!

While I waited the guard-lady showed me one for inspiration.

I went on to find my new best friends, the 2:30 pace group.

I followed that flag through the start and for the next 13.1 miles.

I only tweeted a little this race, I was on a mission, but had to share some important sights like this …

I was tempted to stop and shop.

These brave servicemen ran most of the race near us. It was great to see their camaraderie when one of them was struggling

It was a foggy morning so I don’t have gorgeous pics like I did from the MCM, but we did run through Piedmont Park and Sweet Auburn Avenue …

And eventually right by the State Capitol.

Once I saw the Olympic Rings I knew we were down the stretch. The pace leaders told me if I went ahead I’d get a sub 2:30 so I thanked them and took off.

My dad took this shot. It was awesome to have my family there cheering me on as I approached the finish line. Yes, that's a smile on my face and my phone in my hand - gasp!

Since I was the last to finish, I missed my family running but they all took some great pics. I’m so proud of everyone - especially my kids.

Miles in full stride.

Milan, my little track star.

Cory and Melina hung with my dad while my Aunt Kristi took off and got her run on.

Auntie Kristi, my Dad and me showing off our bling!

Ron got a PR, too! 1:45:46. Yay for him – smiles!

Our after group shot.

Can’t forget Husband, my biggest supporter and kid wrangler coach for the day.

Husband, the kids and I finished our Thanksgiving Day at my Mom’s house with both of our mothers, my Grandmother and Cousin Kathy. A wonderful end to a lovely day. And yes, I was rockin’ my medal.

Winks & Smiles,


Nicki said...

Way to go!! I have yet to break 2:30 on a half. Next year. I also can't convince my kids to run with me.


Congrats! That is an awesome PR and you looked fantastic doing it!

Jennifer James said...

How wonderful is this!! Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment.

Sarah said...

Rock star! What an awesome family day for all of you. Is it time to do it again? Ha.

Caroline said...

Fantastic job! congrats! love all the pics!!!!

Elz said...

Congratulations! How awesome that your whole family turned out to support you & run. My half is in February and I CAN'T WAIT. I am ready to knock it off my list. I'd love to run a sub 2.30.

Wifey said...

Thanks, Everyone! I'm still smiling. ;)

Shelley said...

That looks like it was fun for the whole family - congratulations again on running such a fantastic race!

Justice said...

Amazing! You're just such an inspiration.

BigWill78 said...

The ATL Half Marathon was my first ever, Great job

Caroline said...

I'm running the Atlanta Half Marathon this Thanksgiving and also shooting for under 2 and a half hours! Absolutley loved this post.

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