Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Running Thought #202: Am I the Only Fool Who Gained Weight on Marathon Day?

When you train for a marathon you have lots of time to think. Six months of training and almost six hours running the damn thing my first marathon gave me ample time to ponder several random nuggets of knowledge that I figured I would sporadically share with you.

I’m still trying to recover from this first one.

Random Running Thought #202

“Am I the only fool who managed to gain weight on the day of her marathon?”

Fortunately, since having this thought I’ve found out that I am not alone and that tapering can be your friend or foe. Don’t get me wrong, overall I have slimmed down since I started training for a marathon and the health benefits are outstanding – per my doctor my blood pressure and circulation are "stellar." Got to love that. My weight loss peaked about one month before the big race when I was logging long runs (18 milers +) and I was careful about what I was eating to fuel those runs.

Then came the taper (*insert dark, daunting music here*). I cut back on my running but not on my eating hence some of those lost pounds found their way home. For most of us weight loss is pretty transparent. If you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight – even if you are training for a marathon.

The outcome of this lovely thought – running is an excellent way to get healthy and to lose weight but you still have to be conscious of what you eat … and drink. Ahem. Oh, and if you want to fit into your running pants the day of your marathon don’t consume everything in sight during your taper.

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merrymishaps said...

I gained a couple pounds during taper, and they're still there!

I'm sure it'll work itself out ... just waiting for the marathon-training hunger to go away. My body is still confused :)

Katherine Malone said...

I am not training for a marathon but just getting back into a consistent workout schedule these past few weeks has brought back the increased hunger levels, and I am up a pound or two today and not happy about it :P Granted, some is prob muscle but whatever, I hate this period - can't wait for the pounds to drop instead! :)

Wifey said...

Thanks, Ladies! It's nice to know I'm not alone - smiles!

Laura Scholz said...

I always gain weight when marathon training. About ten pounds since running seriously. I like to claim it's muscle, but I think it's just my fondness for cheese dip. ;)

Marcela said...

Yes! I also have gained weight!!! And now it seems a little more post marathon from the big cut down in miles!

Thanks for writing this! No! You are not alone!! I am glad I'm not either ( :

MizFit said...

you definitely ARE NOT.
when I was a trainer my clients would always lament this...until I reminded them how much ass they had just kicked running 26.2 :)

Anonymous said...
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