Friday, October 22, 2010

I Need More Time, Please!

Friday’s Confession …

I can’t tell time. Ok, that’s not true I can tell time, I just can’t stick to it. OK, that’s not true either. This would probably be easier if you just watch the video.

Am I the only one who needs more hours in the day? How do you make things happen?

Winks & Smiles,


The Broke Socialite said...

First of all, you look're glowing.
Secondly, love that nail polish.
Next, how sweet is Mr Ask Wifey?
Can you tell him I need one?

It's actually funny that you post this vlog. I've been trying to figure a way to wrestle my time a little better. *off to pick up a timer at lunch*
I don't mind being called a copy-cat!


Wifey said...

Ooh, not glowing - thanks! ;) Girl, go get you a timer! Smiles!

jen said...

you said Hello, McFLy!!

I love you more every day!

and I need a timer!

I have no flow and I always run out of time!

xox, jen

Wifey said...

Thank, Jen! So glad you knew, "Hello, McFly!" Tee hee hee.

A Mother's Journey said...

I normally use a schedule and allot time for the many different daily tasks. I think the timer is an excellent idea. I think I'm going to try it because I think it will be easier than always having to watch the clock.
Thanks for sharing.

Wifey said...

You're so welcome! I try and follow a schedule, too, but I think the ring of the timer will make me stop when I need to stop. ;)

kat said...

Thanks for that post, very helpful, I am always running out of time!

Armywife101 said...

I probably needed to see this because suffice to say that I don't manage time very well and never have lol. I seriously have ADD and have a hard time completing task.

Good tip!

Wifey said...

You're so welcome Kat and AW101! Thank you for stopping by - smiles!

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