Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do Oreos Fly as Marathon Training Food?

Do Oreo cookies fly as marathon training food? That’s a stupid rhetorical question, I know the answer. But I ate them anyway. Gasp! I’ve heard horror stories about tapering and that eating can get the best of you, but I didn’t realize it would creep up in the form of a black and orange crème filled cookie. Yup, the Halloween version I bought for the kids. Ahem.

Seriously, I do know better and have big motivation to do better, too. Husband went for his physical last week and found out his cholesterol is high – really high. He’s got to make some major changes in his diet so that means I’ll be spending more time in the kitchen. I’ve got to start chefing up some healthy, low cholesterol foods so we know what he’s eating and that it’s good for him. I love Husband and I want to keep him – for a long time.

Fortunately, he’s on board and is willing to make changes, but even then it’s hard. Incorporating some of the healthier meal options is a tad easier, I already make lots of appropriate foods, but the sweets – the ice cream sandwiches and Oreo cookies – can be a bit more challenging. In efforts to make it easier for him, and to give him some sweets he likes so he won’t sneak when I’m not around, I dusted off the heavy artillery and made him some homemade bite-sized oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies.

Whole grain rolled oats and unbleached wheat flour. Yes, that’s a Mickey Mouse measuring cup. *insert shoulder shrug here* 

A splash of real maple syrup and natural sugar. These aren’t low calorie folks (he doesn’t have a weight problem) Homemade, not high processed.

Yummy raisins and dark chocolate chips.

Ta-da … the cookies

Moderation is key, folks. We’ll see if we, ahem, I mean he can control himself.

Winks & Smiles,


Anonymous said...

The healthier ones look fab (they are my fave!), but man I lub me some Oreos. They are my go-to "total crap" I get when I let myself have a treat. (love the measuring cup, btw)

Wifey said...

Thanks! I love them both, too! I try not to buy Oreos "for the kids" so temptation doesn't get me. ;)

Lynn said...

I eat my indulgence once I step foot back into my front door after a good walk. It makes me feel pretty and happy. Is what I tell myself.

My best, Lynn

Wifey said...

Lynn, Love it, "Is what I tell myself." Smiles!

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